aquaManager for Sustainable aquaculture in Izmir

aquaManager for Sustainable aquaculture in Izmir


Venue Izmir Fuar

Izmir fuar venue. Where the presentation on sustainable aquaculture took place.

Towards sustainable aquaculture

In the context of MECAA16 conference, aquaManager team had the chance to present how smart and open data analytics can assist aquaculture companies to transform their every day production data, into knowledge. The use of this very knowledge, can dramatically improve their overall performance.

AquaManager is a key member of the European project “aquasmart” that aims at compiling technologies like big data, data mining and the cloud, making them accessible by all the fish farming community, so as to support:

  • smarter decisions
  • better production
  • efficient management
CEO of aquaManager Mr Kostas Seferis presenting on sustainable aquaculture

CEO of aquaManager Mr Kostas Seferis presenting on sustainable aquaculture

MECAA16  brought together over 350 aquaculture industry experts and academics from around the world and offered a state-of-the-art platform to interact, debate and exchange views on recent results, projects and research.

The Organizing Committee invited all producers, farmers, suppliers, investors, industry experts and academics to Future Fish Eurasia, Turkey to attend this unique forum.

Attendees experienced a world class program covering a wide range of topics such as: shrimp, biotics & bioflocs, marine fish, aquaponics, aquaculture investment in the Middle East & Central Asia, sustainable aquaculture, freshwater fish, nutrition, health, algae, seaweeds, production systems, offshore aquaculture & IMTA, water conservation, education & technology transfer.



is always devoted to help aquaculture companies achieve lower production costs, improve profitability, increase operational efficiency and grow in a sustainable, environmental-friendly way.