Seafood Expo Global 2018

Seafood Expo Global 2018

Dear attendees,

Thank you for visiting our booth at Seafood Expo Global 2018, one of the biggest seafood exhibitions in the world! We hope that you found the exhibition informative and worthwhile, since our primary goal was to present some new and exciting tools, such as:

  • First of all new features that make aquaManager a complete ecosystem for efficient production management, cost reduction and performance improvement
  • Also intelligent functions and automated warning systems to control your business in real time, act quickly and be proactive
  • More mobile applications that allow you to access real-time information on the fly and get valuable insights anytime, anywhere
  • Data analytics, benchmarking and hardware integration that help you increase productivity and improve efficiency
  • In addition a cloud-based, super easy to use, production management software for the small company, aquaTracker
  • A customized version of our platform (aquaManager ostreOn) that supports shellfish production (oysters, mussels and clams)

Finally we would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation for the hospitality extended to us and the whole exhibitor list.