What You Get

A fish farming software that is powerful , practical and cost effective! A trusted solution!

Global presence – Unrivalled performance

  • More than 15 years on the market.
  • Used by some of the largest groups in the world.
  • Can efficiently manage huge data volumes.
  • Highly optimized, efficient algorithms.

Fish farming software with international presence
Integrated fish farming software using State Of The Art Technologies

State of the art technologies!

Uses cutting edge technologies in order to ensure superior performance, usability and maintainability

  • Parallel programming (=very efficient algorithms!).
  • Synchronization Framework that woks even over slow networks. Ideal solution for groups of companies with low speed internet connections between locations.
  • Business intelligence reporting.
  • Attractive user interface with themes and appearances.

Efficient, open, layered architecture.

Versatile design that can meet any current or future development requirements

  • Multi-tier: Separate DataLayer, BusinessLayer, UserInterface.
  • All the application logic exists in the Business Layer.
  • Provides API – allows access from any device.
  • Supports integration with ERP systems.

Since all the application logic exists in the business layer, it is easy to modify existing forms or develop new forms and reports that provide a more productive interface to the end user.

Fish farming software efficient open-layered architecture

It’s Balanced!

aquaManager is a fish farming software that gives you great balance between functionality and ease of use. No need to sacrifice features. Our user interface is designed to deliver loads of functionality without confusing the user. Users familiar with the concept adopt it right from the start and beginners get hold of the interface with no effort.

  • Process-oriented, simple to operate.
  • User-friendly, attractive, user interface.
  • Incorporates many time saving features.
  • Only few fields are mandatory in each screen.

Relationship between cost and benefits


Competitive price – unparalleled functionalities, compared with other fish farming software.


Not one-size-fits-all approach

  • Back-office integration (ERP systems and financial applications).
  • Highly customizable – all screens and reports can be modified by the user.
  • Works the way you work.
  • Modern and attractive user interface. Users can change skins and colors!

Highly customizable and flexible aquaculture software
aquaManager team supports every aspect of fish farming production

And, most important, you are never on your own!

Our 5 star support team is your strategic partner for growth

In aquaManager we believe in customer satisfaction. We provide all the tools for hassle free after sale support, problem solving, and new feature requests, including direct phone support and remote desktop. You are always welcomed to contact our existing customers and ask them about their opinion on our services!