Information technology project for fish diseases prevention and monitoring

Information technology project for fish diseases prevention and monitoring

The aquaManager Team has recently delivered to the Federation of Greek Mariculture (association of aquaculture producers) a comprehensive cloud application for fish diseases monitoring and prevention. The system offers fish farmers an easy way to register diseases, along with detailed information about each incident such as the type of the fish disease, its importance, the weight class of the fish affected, the related losses, etc. It also issues warnings (so the farmers can be pro-active) and provides comprehensive reports and statistics.

aqualert fish diseases report

aquAlert diseases number per region – species report

It is designed to help producers in reducing disease risk and mitigating environmental impacts. By improving the control of fish diseases, companies will be able to improve efficiency, increase profitability and carry out business in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. It is part of an effort to enable businesses to share knowledge and information, in order to lower fish farming complications and save valuable time, to subsequently be able to pay extra attention to more creative and growth-oriented strategies.

aqualert fish diseases list

aquAlert fish diseases alert list

The application uses state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee the privacy of the sensitive corporate data registered by the users.  The results of this work will be presented by the aquaManager Team in the next European Aquaculture Society conference in Croatia in October 2017.