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Otter Ferry and aquaManager: a successful partnership in data-driven fish farming

Otter Ferry, the pioneering fish farming company, has been recognized by the Fish Farmer magazine for their innovative research and commercial operations. In a recent feature, the magazine highlighted Otter Ferry’s commitment to data collection and how they use aquaManager, an application developed by our company, to gather and analyse important information about their fish […]

The Impact of Computer Vision and AI on Aquaculture Operations: How aquaManager’s Solutions are Driving Efficiency and Sustainability

As the world’s population grows, there is an increasing need for sustainable and high-quality seafood products. The aquaculture industry, however, is faced with numerous obstacles such as environmental sustainability, food safety, traceability, and labour shortages. In this context, advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision are becoming crucial tools for optimising aquaculture […]

Enhancing Sustainability in Aquaculture: The Importance of Traceability and Monitoring of Production Practices with AquaManager.

In a previous article, we have discussed the critical importance of traceability in the aquaculture industry and how aquaManager, as a leading technology provider, is empowering sustainable and responsible production practices. We highlighted the significance of traceability in identifying the source of aquaculture products, which ensures transparency and accountability in the supply chain. Now, let’s […]