Aquasmart in Qingdao, China

Aquasmart in Qingdao, China

CEO of i2s Mr Kostas Seferis presenting aquasmart in WCAF-2016

Aquasmart, the EU program aiming to assist aquaculture companies to discover useful knowledge from their data, was presented in the 5th WCAF-2016 with great success in Qingdao, China between 4th-6th November 2016 at Hilton Qingdao Golden Beach Hotel (HQGB). Was  represented by Kostas Seferis,  CEO and Managing Director of Information Integrated Systems SA. Participating in WCAF-2016 gave him the opportunity to introduce aquasmart platform. Summarizing his presentation, he concluded that:

  • The integrated AQUASMART platform will be available in the beginning of 2017
  • Using AQUASMART Big Data and Data Mining tools, aqua farmers will be able to face production problems with reliability gaining extra value and competitive advantages for their companies
  • The multi-lingual open access platform provide to the sector a great opportunity for benchmarking the performance
  • The provided benchmarking capabilities of AQUASMART platform to aqua-farmers can lead to improve efficiency and performance of production and thus to increase their profit

aquasmart audience at Forum #7, Sustainable Development of Aquaculture & Fisheries

The presentation took place at the 3rd day of the conference event, under the title “Comparative analysis of physical performance indicators in aquaculture using open-cloud aquaSmart platform”. Mr. Seferis was, also, honoured to act as a Chairman at Forum #7 under the subject: “Sustainable Development of Aquaculture & Fisheries”.

The theme of the 5th Annual World Congress of Aquaculture and Fisheries-2016, WCAF-2016, was “Technology Innovation & Profitable Sustainability” and included Plenary Lectures, Keynote Forum and Parallel Session Speech. WCAF has been created to benefit industry professionals, and the program includes specific topical industry sessions, which were very informative and practical.