aquaManager Team to participate in Aquaculture Europe 2017, Dubrovnik

aquaManager Team to participate in Aquaculture Europe 2017, Dubrovnik

meet us at Aquaculture Europe


The European Aquaculture Society (EAS) is organizing their annual meeting Aquaculture Europe 2017 in Dubrovnik, Croatia form October 17th to 20th.

The aquaManager Team will not only participate in the event but also give the following 2 newfangled project presentations:


1) Aqualert: A Comprehensive and Integrated Fish Farming Software for Disease Monitoring and Epidemic Prediction

Aqualert is an innovative cloud platform,  specifically designed to monitor diseases of aquaculture fish populations. It has been designed following a request from the Federation of Greek Mariculture (FGM) to develop a system that meets two objectives:

• Real time monitoring of the health status of the fish

• Early notification in the case of an incident

Aqualert has been developed in close collaboration with the Technical and Scientific Committee of the FGM. It offers an easy and robust way for fish farmers to register disease incidents, as well as additional information regarding each incident.


2) Blue Economy: New Generation Tools for Aquaculture

The work to be presented is the development of integrated e-tools for aquaculture production aiming at sustainable solutions in this area. The purpose of these tools is to provide innovative data services that will benefit all the stakeholders of the aquaculture sector.

BlueBRIDGE is an innovative H2020 project aiming to address these needs. Its goal is to deliver services to data practitioners of the Blue Growth sector. It brings together scientists, practitioners and experts from different disciplines (e.g. fisheries, biology, economics, statistics, environment, etc.), who are individually considered as world leaders in their respective areas. The Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO) is one of the main partners.

Cloud-computing and big-data era principles are deployed in the BlueBRIDGE project via its Blue Economy Pillar, offering the virtual space, i.e. Virtual Research Environment that hosts data and enables the composition and delivery of services for aquafarms, policy makers and academic institutes. aquaManager team has a significant role in Blue Economy, developing intelligent tools in order to evaluate performance KPIs and benchmarking, as well as creating accurate production plans to enhance aqua-farmers decision making process.


Come and join us at Dubrovnik!  We will be more than happy to meet you and share our passion for the aquaculture sector.