aquaManager participation in training events for the BlueBRIDGE project

aquaManager participation in training events for the BlueBRIDGE project

Training Course

More than 80 trainees (professors and students) participated in the training course, organized under the framework of BlueBRIDGE Horizon 2020 project, by Gerasimos Antzoulatos (Data Analyst – member of the aquaManager Team) and Eleni Petra (Researcher at the University of Athens). The course was held at the Department of Fisheries – Aquaculture of the TEI of Western Greece on Tuesday 14th of November 2017


Gerasimos Antzoulatos - aquaManager Team


The trainees had the opportunity to become aware of the new generation Blue Economy Tools for aquaculture. Furthermore, they had time to experiment with the preprocessing stage of production data, creating machine learning models and production plans and generally evaluate their virtual fish farm performance in terms of Key Performance Indicators.


aquaManager BlueBridge students training course


The participants were more than enthusiastic about the Blue Economy Tools, thus deciding to reunite at the next BlueBRIDGE meeting in December.



On 22nd of November 2017, at 12:00 pm CET BlueBRIDGE organized a webinar on “Blue Economy: New Generation Tools for Aquaculture”.

Once again, Gerasimos Antzoulatos was one of the speakers, along with Charalampos Dimitrakopoulos (IT Consultant at CITE) and Panagiota Koltsida(Researcher and Software Engineer at the University of Athens).

aquaManager webinar BlueBridge


The webinar focused on the BlueBRIDGE tools that aquaculture producers can use to estimate the performance of their production by exploiting state of the art Machine Learning methods, based on real historical production data.

Furthermore, they are able to make accurate production plans, future investment plans by exploiting the geoanalytics platform and techno-economic analysis combining production, financial and environmental data. In this way, they can make correct and timely decisions strengthen their aquaculture’s position against competition.

Over 50 participants from all over Europe attended the webinar.