Mobile apps

Mobile applications for efficient aquaculture management

Real time control

Understand what is happening in your production, react quickly and be proactive.

The mobile revolution is happening right now. AquaManager mobile solutions is the practical way to take advantage of this revolution! They offer rich functionality options that can fulfil expectations of even advanced users,while at the same time remain user friendly and easy to use. They help you optimize your operations by providing access to key information and processes both to the management of the company and the production employees, anytime, anywhere.

Mobile applications for management decision making in aquaculture production

Mobile applications for management decision making

Take control and improve the management of your aquaculture business

  • Access real-time, centrally located, information on the fly
  • Get valuable insights anytime, anywhere
  • Make faster, more informed decisions, even on the go
  • Remain in touch with the production reality regardless of your location
  • iOS and Android devices are supported

Real time data collection and Increased Productivity for the Production Workforce

Register feeding, mortalities, water quality parameters and other critical business information in real time, using phones or tablets

  • Provides the production workforce with a new level of communications freedom
  • Empowers staff to accomplish more goals since they have access to all of the information they need to make thoughtful decisions
  • Both on-line and off-line operation. Overcomes the well-known problem of low internet speed at the farms

Aquaculture management supported by real time data collection using mobile phones and tablets