Innovation Unleashed: AquaManager’s Contribution to UNIDO’s/SwitchMed’s Tunisian Aquaculture Revolution

This gathering served as a platform to spotlight eco-innovative technology applications aimed at enhancing the environmental and economic performance of aquaculture farms in Tunisia. The event attracted over 90 participants, including twelve technology providers from around the world. The event was part of the EU-funded SwitchMed Programme Blue Economy project, spearheaded by UNIDO. This initiative aims to promote sustainable practices along Tunisia’s aquaculture value chain.

During the plenary session, Mr. Ali Cheikh Sboui, Director General of the Direction Générale de la Pêche et de l’Aquaculture (DGPA), shared a visionary perspective on the future of Tunisia’s aquaculture industry by 2030. He emphasized the urgency of addressing climate change challenges and advocated for the adoption of SMART technologies to ensure sustainable and climate-resilient practices.

A significant aspect of the event was the engagement of over 80% of Tunisian aquafarms, along with representatives from key institutions such as the National Industry Federation, the National Agency for Environmental Protection, Export Promotion Agency, and Regional Offices of the Ministry of Agriculture. The occasion facilitated over 100 bilateral meetings, fostering collaboration between Tunisian aquafarm professionals and international technology providers.

AquaManager’s Significant Role: AquaManager played a pivotal role in the success of this event, contributing valuable insights and expertise. Even though we already collaborate with the biggest producers in Tunisia, this event was a great opportunity for local producers to get to know us and visualise their future by obtaining our technological solutions. Our active participation underscores our commitment to driving sustainable practices and contributing to the growth and resilience of Tunisia’s aquaculture industry.

We want to openly thank the organisation for inviting us to this wonderful event and wish for a better blue future in Tunisia!