aquaManager x Ecosac: Bringing together Technical Innovation and Expertise in Shrimp Production

aquaManager, a pioneering tech company specialising in the aquaculture industry, is excited to announce its transformative partnership with Ecosac, a distinguished shrimp production company based in Piura, Peru. This landmark collaboration is poised to reshape the aquaculture landscape through innovation and expertise.

aquaManager is renowned for its cutting-edge management software and holistic technological solutions tailored for the aquaculture sector. Encompassing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), and state-of-the-art smart equipment, aquaManager’s solutions are designed to optimise operations and drive efficiency.

The partnership with Ecosac marks a pivotal moment for both entities as they come together to transform shrimp production processes and enhance sustainability efforts. Drawing on Ecosac’s expertise in shrimp production, aquaManager’s advanced technologies and know-how will empower Ecosac to elevate its shrimp production capabilities to unprecedented levels.

During the collaborative implementation process at Ecosac’s Grow Out farm in Piura, Peru, aquaManager’s team engaged with Ecosac’s extensive shrimp production expertise, solidifying AquaManager’s dedication to continuous innovation. The partnership’s depth was further demonstrated during the implementation of both aquaManager Grow Out and Hatchery modules at Ecosac’s farms in Piura and Sechura. This dual implementation, accompanied by the integration of OLAP Cubes (Power BI) and the mobile apps, exemplifies AquaManager’s commitment to providing holistic solutions. This strategic collaboration not only harmonised aquaManager’s technology with Ecosac’s operational insights but also set the stage for mutual success and ongoing industry innovation.

“We are tremendously excited about our partnership with Ecosac,” said Kostas Seferis, founder of aquaManager. “Their profound insights into shrimp production, coupled with aquaManager’s pioneering technology solutions, will drive monumental advancements in the aquaculture industry. We extend our sincerest gratitude to Ecosac for entrusting us with this collaboration and remain steadfast in delivering exceptional value.”

aquaManager extends heartfelt appreciation to Ecosac for their trust and collaboration, as well as their warm hospitality throughout the implementation phase in Peru. This partnership exemplifies the power of knowledge sharing and innovation when industry leaders unite.

As aquaManager and Ecosac embark on this transformative journey, the aquaculture industry can anticipate groundbreaking developments that will reshape shrimp production, promote sustainability, and revolutionise operational practices.