Empowering Aquaculture with Knowledge-Based Fish Feeding and Planning Solutions

The OptiFeeSH consortium, comprising industry-leading companies in the aquaculture sector, is thrilled to announce their collaboration in bringing a solution to the market that addresses significant challenges faced by fish farming companies. This solution enables technical and management teams to create optimal production plans, closely monitor their implementation, identify any deviations, and adjust the production plans as needed to meet production targets.

SPAROS, i2s (Integrated Information Systems), Blue Analytics, and FLATLANTIC join forces in this consortium, pooling their extensive expertise in fish nutrition, data analytics techniques, development of predictive and nutritional modelling tools, fish production management systems and software development, fish production and industrial aquaculture R&D. All key ingredients to develop a system that empowers farmers to make informed decisions faster, based on data analysis insights and improvements in feeding efficiency.

By integrating statistical, machine learning, and nutritional modeling approaches, the OptiFeeSH solution empowers farmers to select the ideal combination of feeds and feeding rates tailored to their specific site conditions and optimization goals, such as maximize fish growth, minimize FCR or economic conversion. OptiFeeSH goes beyond the planning stage, it monitors production performance, assists in identifying the factors influencing any deviations from the planning as production unfolds and adjusts the plan accordingly to ensure the achievement of production targets.