aquaculture software that delivers only benefits

aquaManager is a powerful and easy to use aquaculture software, designed to offer all the advantages of the new technologies to the end-user. It is extremely user-friendly and can be used by your company staff immediately, without extensive and costly training.

It provides a practical and effective solution to the following business needs:

  • Improved operational efficiency. Quick and easy input of all production data (environment data, feeding, mortalities, transactions, etc.). Everybody, from managers to farm workers, are able to find exactly the information they need in order to take better decisions and do their job in the best possible way.
  • Lower production costs, increased profitability. The system helps you to continuously and effectively control all the major cost drivers of your production process. For example, you know at any time if the fish growth and mortalities are within acceptable levels or if the selected feeding policy gives you the expected results. In this way you are able to continuously make adjustments to your production and achieve the best results. In addition, the provided planning and control tools support you to make best use of your resources. All these mean lower costs and higher quality. aquaManager helps you improve your profitability in the short term and maintain improved efficiency in the long term.
  • Improved management of the site, day-to-day control of all production parameters.
  • Timely identification of production problems or trends.
  • Inventory control. With the push of a button, aquaManager provides accurate and online information on the inventory of all items (food, medicine, nets). The information is provided at any level i.e. group, area or production unit (farm or hatchery).
  • Optimization of purchasing policy and stock levels. Raw materials (e.g. food) are ordered and delivered based on accurate production plans and not on aggregated means or rough estimations. Immediate and precise overview of feed demand in any date range.
  • Production planning that result in the best (from biological and financial points of view) outcome.
  • Reduced management costs, less mistakes. aquaManager allows your production managers to save time, reduce manual paper work and increase efficiency
  • Better services to your customers. Immediate and documented reply to complaints. Quality certificates with information gathered during the lifetime of the fish.
  • Management support for decision-making. aquaManager gives you full control at farm, region or group levels.
  • Development of a knowledge base with valuable information on fish growth and quality, best practices, growth policies and environmental data.

aquaManager delivers significant benefits, without significant disruption. It is a unique aquaculture software, yet practical and user-friendly. It is designed to accommodate existing workflow processes— enabling users to keep doing what they are already doing, with even greater results.