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More than a software solution, i2S is your strategic partner for growth!
Enjoy our valued expertise and support through engagement with a friendly and dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced aquaculture and IT industry professionals. Technology and innovation is our passion – and so too is customer satisfaction. We provide industry respected and renown training, as well as continuous technical support and customized services to meet customer needs and challenges.

Data Analytics
aquaManager can help you to transform your data into valuable knowledge and use the newly acquired knowledge to dramatically improve your business performance. With aquaManager, you will be able to lower production costs, improve profitability and increase operational efficiency. aquaManager is unique and ground-breaking. Globally, the software tool has enabled many organizations, both large and small scale, to capitalize on their data and create valuable independent models in order to benchmark performance, optimize feed and strengthen management strategies.


User Friendly

Easy to use

Use mobile applications to capture production information in real-time, reduce administration effort and increase productivity. Minimize the time and effort required for the daily data entry.

Real time production control

Real time production control

Control your production in real time, understand what is happening, why it’s happening, as it happens. Be proactive and react quickly!

Access from everywhere

Access from everywhere

Access real-time information on the fly, get valuable insights anytime, anywhere, make faster, more informed decisions, using just a web browser or your mobile phone!

fish cost analysis

Know the cost of your fish

Control all the major cost drivers, know precisely the cost of the fish (not just averages), make adjustments to your production and achieve the best results. Improve your profitability in the short term and maintain improved efficiency in the long term.

Aquaculture production planing

Setup and run production plans in minutes.

Forecast fish growth and feed consumption. Translate your sales budget into reliable production plans, reduce costs, maximize profitability, take the best decisions concerning input, feeding and harvesting of the fish.

Full cycle production management

From egg to harvest

Manage all stages of fish production and get traceability from hatchery to harvest. Meet and exceed the requirements of certification bodies and maintain certification easily and effectively.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Explore your data in a way you have never done before
Not just averages and simple charts. Visualize relationships and patterns between production KPIs, fish attributes, water quality data, production practices and many other parameters. Identify and act on emerging trends faster.

Data Mining

Data Mining

Use advanced data mining to convert data into knowledge and improve production. Understand and quantify the interaction between all the parameters influencing your production, respond to a wide range of production challenges, in real time, understand not only what has happened, but more significantly what is most likely going to happen next!

Global Presence

Used by companies all over the world

Since 2000, aquaManager is the strategic partner to growth for companies, research institutes and government organizations from all around the world, from Europe, to America, to Asia, to Middle East and Africa.

Data Acquisition

Don’t waist time gathering environmental data.
Our automated data acquisition hardware can do that for you as frequently as you like and error free.

Improvement through knowledge discovery

We can help you to transform data into knowledge and use this knowledge to dramatically improve performance.
You will be able to lower production costs, improve profitability and increase operational efficiency.
We created a data mining platform based on aquaManager data layer, a combination of service and software that will let you learn from your Data.
Our solution enables organizations around the world to explore their data, create independent models, benchmark unit or batch performance, predict KPIs (FCR, growth, harvest result, etc.) and optimize feeding and management strategies.
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Professional team that does whatever it takes to get the job done. We use aquaManager to manage production of 31,000 tons in 21 locations. Much more than a software application, an integrated system for efficient management, control and improvement

Kokkalis Konstantinos

CPO, Selonda Aquaculture SA, Greece

I am  over then 27 years in aquaculture sector for marine species production. We have been using aquaManager since 2013. I can say it is the best program for hatchery management in the world. Congratulations for great support, immediate response and excellent cooperation with the team


Hatchery Manager, Kılıç Holding, Turkey

From production control, to planning and cost accounting we rely on aquaManager to manage our operations in Spain and Greece.  The team is comprised of dedicated individuals with outstanding knowledge of aquaculture

Nikos Katribouzas

Group Operations, Andromeda Group, Spain and Greece

In our pursuit to become the industry leader in onshore, indoor aquaculture, VeroBlue Farms employs aquaManager to facilitate  management decisions based on real time data. aquaManager datapoints measures what matters.  VeroBlue Farms makes critical decisions regarding Fish health, quality and due diligence in response to leading key performance indicators collected and analyzed through aquaManager. aquaManager is a key tool we utilize to lead the true blue revolution

Katie Olson

VeroBlue Farms USA

aquaManager is a software which helps to create powerful reports and analyses about production and makes management team's life easier with monitoring daily tasks in the area and it also provides benefit for costing and budgeting. Users can be easily adapted to software with easy menus and data entry. Furthermore, the support team is very helpful and always finds smart solutions for any trouble with close cooperation. It also provides very good monitoring for the top management


COO Agromey Gıda ve Yem San.Tic. A.Ş., Turkey

A system that actually adapts to the company needs, grows along with the industry and is supported by a great team. Our data view on different angles

Thomas L. Siarmpas

Production Manager, Galaxidi Fish Farming SA, Greece

We are using the aquaManager software for about 4 years. It made a huge change in the planning and coordination conception in our company, between all the edges (from the hatchery to the 2 sites we have in the sea, and of-course the long-run production planning as well as budgeting the company). The system is super-flexible, the support team is very available and they have good answers to the big majority of the problems. For no doubt, this is one of the best investments we made recently

Nir Tzohari

Farm Manager Quality Fish, Ashdod Israel

Excellent production control, we know exactly what is happening in our business. Many tools that help us to understand what the data means

Manos Miliotakis

Production Manager, ASMAC BSC, Kingdom of Bahrain

Used by aquaculture companies all over the world!

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